Arise Ye Starvelings: The Jamaican Labour Rebellion of 1938 by Ken Post (auth.)

By Ken Post (auth.)

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The basic structure of capitalism would thus be changed. e. given its usual hierarchy of moments) produce ac· tions which maintain its structure. As we shall see, this is because it is deter· mined in certain ways by related structures. In unusual conditions, with dif· ferent determinations in play, the other moment may assert itself and act to 30 THE SOCIAL FORMATION AND ITS CONTRADICTIONS change the structure. With a non-antagonistic contradiction. only maintaining actions, or at most those which change the relationship between moments, are possible.

E. of mixed race) Member of the House of Assembly and critic of the system, who knew Paul Bogle and had ordained him a Native Baptist deacon, was arrested and brought into the area under martial law in order that he might be hanged without trial in a proper court. Floggings were administered to 600 people; one magistrate had piano wire twisted into the whip so that it would lacerate more hOrribly. Nearly 1,000 houses and other buildings were destroyed, and troops and volunteers allowed to loot and rape as they pleased.

However, another agrarian form of production which was directly related to an alternative structure within the old 24 THE SOCIAL FORMATION AND ITS CONTRADICTIONS plantation system had also emerged. In order to understand this development fully it is necessary to extend our theoretical apparatus, and we may do this on the basis of Marx's concept of 'primitive capitalist accumulation', seen as the creation of new relations of production. Marx's briefest summary description of primitive accumulation is that it 'is nothing eIse than the historical process of divorcing the producer from the means of production'.

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