Anatomy & Human Movement by Nigel Palastanga, Roger Soames

By Nigel Palastanga, Roger Soames

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The projecting dermal papillae usually contain capillary networks which bring the blood into close association with the epidermis (Fig. 20A). The ability to open up or close down these networks is responsible for the regulation of heat loss through the skin, as well as causing individuals to blush in moments of embarrassment. g. g. back). The reticular layer of dermis consists of a dense mass of interweaving collagen and elastic connective tissue fibres. It is this layer which gives the skin its toughness and strength.

The elbow is a typical hinge joint. The knee joint is considered to be a modified hinge joint, as it permits some movement about a second axis. In this case the movement is possible because of the poor fit of the articular surfaces. Pivot joint MANDIBULAR FOSSA Joint space which may not be complete separates the two articular surfaces enclosed by the capsule (Fig. 16B). Bursae are often associated with synovial joints, sometimes communicating directly with the joint space. Because of the large number of synovial joints within the body and their differing forms they can be subdivided according to the shape of their articular surfaces and the movements possible at the joint.

The amount of subcutaneous fat varies in different parts of the body, being completely absent in only a few regions (eyelid, scrotum, penis, nipple and areola). g. the breast as well as the rounded contour of the hips. The subcutaneous connective tissue contains blood and lymph vessels, the roots of hair follicles, the secretory parts of sweat glands, cutaneous nerves, and sensory endings (particularly Pacinian (pressure) corpuscles) (Figs. 21). In the subcutaneous tissue overlying joints, subcutaneous bursae exist, which contain a small amount of fluid thereby facilitating movement of the skin in these regions.

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