An Islamic Perspective on Governance (New Horizons in Money by Zafar Iqbal, Mervyn K. Lewis

By Zafar Iqbal, Mervyn K. Lewis

Zafar Iqbal and Mervyn ok. Lewis fill the space in Western literature on governance concerns from the point of view of Islamic economics. Islamic and Western viewpoints are in comparison, and a scientific research of key components in governance from an Islamic perspective is equipped. the quantity attracts on classical Islam and modern resources to supply a finished Islamic governance framework to distinction with the Western place.

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2. Those who have studied economics will recognize that these dimensions parallel the three fundamental problems of economic society, as articulated in classics such as Samuelson’s Economics, namely: Perspectives on governance 19 1. ‘What’ commodities shall be produced? 2. ‘How’ shall they be produced, that is, ‘by whom’ and ‘with what resources’? 3. ‘For whom’ are goods produced? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Substituting decision-making into this triplet, ‘by whom’, ‘with what resources’ and ‘for whom’ decisions are made are identified in our classification.

Second, choose the easier of the two equally valid alternatives. Third, do not force on people what is preferable but not obligatory if it causes hardship. Fourth, commutation must correspond with the degree of compulsion and lapse with the removal of hardship. Fifth, under compulsion, choose the lesser of two evils. Sixth, warding off bad has a priority over doing good. This means shari ah is more liberal with easing the rigour of dos than relaxing the don’ts. Seventh, it is unlawful to repel a bad when it is expected to result in a bad with equal or greater magnitude (Mawdudi, 1994, pp.

For instance, strict food laws forbid pork, blood, carrion, specify the method of preparing animals, ban the drinking of any alcoholic beverages and prohibit intoxicants. Also prohibited is the representation of animals or the human figure in art, as a precaution against any lapse into idolatry. The other areas covered by Islamic law are considerable, and include inter alia, marriage, divorce, sexual relations, care of children, adoption, maintenance, commercial transactions, and so on. Hussain (1999) provides a survey, while Brown (1997) examines how traditional shari ah law has been adapted in a variety of ways to meet current social needs in Egypt and some of the Gulf States.

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