Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response by A. W. Babister (Auth.)

By A. W. Babister (Auth.)

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664 (1963); also AGARD Report 339 (1961). 3. H. B. Longitudinal aerodynamic characteristics light twin-engine propeller-driven airplanes. NASA TN D-6800 (1972). 4. COWLEY, W . L . and GLAUERT, H. The effect of the lag of the downwash on the longitudinal stability of an aeroplane and on the rotary derivative MQ. R. & M. 718 (1921). ADSR-C for aircraft dynamics and of Aircraft Dynamic Stability and 40 Response PROBLEMS 1. With a certain aircraftn in level flight, the thrust T and forward speed V = constant, where n is some constant.

G. when u m compressibility and slipstream effects can be neglected. Aerodynamic Derivatives From Eq. 23) where K n is the static margin stick fixed (defined in Chapter 1 ) . When compressibility effects are taken into account, this simple relation between M w and Kn is M , Z and Z . 24) Now, in horizontal flight, constant. 25) Therefore *-V Z e wI Z u. 26) From Eqs. 27) DERIVATIVES DUE TO RATE OF PITCH X q9 Zq9 M q The derivatives dealt with so far have only involved the static characteristics of the aircraft.

5 Forces acting in steady SEPARABILITY OF LONGITUDINAL AND LATERAL flight MOTION From E q s . 7) to ( 2 . 36) to ( 2 . 4 4 ) , we see that the equations of motion for small disturbances can be split up into two groups. 47) = M(t) q = 0 . 48) These equations involve only symmetric disturbances (u the increment in the velocity of 0 along Ox, w the increment in the velocity of 0 along Oz, 0 the angle of pitch, and their derivatives with respect to t ) . 52) . 53) These equations involve only asymmetric disturbances (V the velocity of sideslip, cj) the angle of bank, ij; the angle of yaw, and their derivatives with respect to t).

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