Advances in Mathematical Economics, Volume 9 (Advances in by S. Kusuoka, A. Yamazaki

By S. Kusuoka, A. Yamazaki

Loads of fiscal difficulties can formulated as restricted optimizations and equilibration in their recommendations. a variety of mathematical theories were offering economists with fundamental machineries for those difficulties bobbing up in financial conception. Conversely, mathematicians were prompted by way of numerous mathematical problems raised by way of financial theories. The sequence is designed to assemble these mathematicians who have been heavily drawn to getting new hard stimuli from monetary theories with these economists who're looking for potent mathematical instruments for his or her researchers.

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AT} we denote by r ^ : f} —> f^ the measure preserving transformation defined via T'^IAI = ^i,7r{i)' Denoting by Iliv the set of permutations of { 1 , . . 4). c{X).

E. V{ti) = i n f | l i m F ( / „ ) I (/„)„67 e h\ cT*-lim/„ = M|, M S (L°°)*. Some explanation seems in order. On ( L ^ ) * we consider the a* = a ( ( L ^ ) * , L ^ ) topology and identify L ^ ( ^ , ^ , P ) with a subspace of L°°(17,^, P)*. A measure preserving transformation r : (f^,^, P ) —^ (Q, ^ , P ) defines an isometry, denoted again by r, on L^(Q, ^ , P ) , for 1 < p < 00, via r : L^ -^ L^ / ^ /or. (15) The transpose of r : L"^ -> L"^, denoted by r*, defines an isometry on (L^)* via r* : ( L ^ ) * -^ ( L ^ ) * (r*(//),/) = ( / X , T ( / ) ) , /iG(L-)*, / € L - .

Moreover, w^ have hi \y,) = g{Xt(0)). We have the following by Proposition 3 (k) Proposition 4. ^^, fc^o - ( • /or any p G (1, oo) and n € N. )}] by Jensen's inequality. =Y. (£),j/,)}]|^,^y. =y. =Yy Pi = 0. k=0 Therefore we have our assertion. This completes the proof. D 38 H. Fushiya Now we prove Theorem 1. Let h^^\y) = Y^h^i\y)h^2 ^\yX where j=0 hi, /i2 are as in Propositions 3 and 4. Then we have limE ^{E[g{X,{e)) £->0 - I Gtis)] -j^e'h^'Hne))] k=o ^ -0, ^ for any p G (1, oo) and n G N. At last we show the uniqueness of h^^^.

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