Across the Plains in the Donner Party by Virginia Reed Murphy

By Virginia Reed Murphy

This tragic tale of Virginia Reed?s trip west is instructed via her memoirs of the twelve-year-old woman, with supplementary bills in line with her father's letters and the diary of one other traveller. Given the delicate nature of points of the adventure, younger readers will locate the history notes and explanatory reviews useful. Maps and diverse reproductions incorporated.

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The whole process went so well that when Reed's party arrived, little had to be done except to pack the horses. After asking Johnson to tell Woodworth to hasten on with all possible speed when he reached Johnson's ranch, Reed started toward the summit once again. 49 Relief! Virginia Reed Murphy On the evening of February 19, fourteen days after leaving Sutter's Fort, a rescue party of seven men organized by Sutter, Sinclair, and McKinstry, reached our cabin. The rescuers shouted to attract attention, and Mr.

When the first storm ended, we prepared the best we could to try to survive the winter. The men built two double shelters, which were known as the MurphyEddy cabin and the Reed-Graves cabin. They also repaired the roof of the Murphy-Schallenberger building, where the Breens decided to live. Keseberg added a lean-to to this shelter for his family. Mrs. McCutchen and her baby stayed with the Graves family, and Stanton and the two Indians made their home with us. 35 Next, most of the cattle were slaughtered, and the meat was buried in the snow for preservation.

We had no knowledge about the mountaineers, whether or not they reached Sutter's Fort, and our situation was desperate. My mother then decided that she could wait no longer for help to arrive. Instead, 40 she planned to cross the mountains. She insisted that she would not see her children die without trying to get food for them. She told Patty, Tommy, and James that she would bring them bread, so that they would be willing to stay. Tommy was left with the Breens, Patty with the Kesebergs, and James with the Graves family.

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