Acoustics of long spaces : theory and design guidance by Jian Kang

By Jian Kang

Acoustics is an important challenge in lots of lengthy areas, resembling street or railway tunnels, underground/railway stations, corridors, concourses and concrete streets. the categorical difficulties of such irregularly formed areas, starting from noise toxins in streets and tunnels to bad speech intelligibility of public handle structures in railway stations usually are not handled via vintage room acoustic theory.

This cutting-edge exposition of acoustics of lengthy areas offers the basics of acoustic thought and calculation formulae for lengthy areas in addition to giving directions for sensible layout

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1 the unsuitability of classic room acoustic theories for long enclosures is discussed. 2, by applying the image source method, theoretical formulae and computer models for long spaces with geometrically re¯ecting boundaries are given. 3 considers di€usely re¯ecting boundaries using the radiosity method. 4. 5 presents a method to predict the temporal and spatial distribution of train noise in underground stations. 6, a practical method is given for predicting acoustic indices in long enclosures, especially the speech intelligibility of multiple loudspeaker PA systems in underground stations.

Unfortunately, no experimental results were given to demonstrate that the above consideration of the angle-dependent absorption could enable better predictions. 2. Line source Corresponding to the above investigations on a single source, line sources have also been considered. 16] ER ˆ PH X …1 ÿ c †g …1 ÿ f †h …1 ÿ w †q a1 4a1 c g;h;q aghq   x0 L ÿ x0  arctan ‡ arctan aghq aghq …2:38† where ER is the sound energy density from image sources, P H is the sound power per unit length of the line source, g, h and q are the orders of image sources on the ceiling, ¯oor and side walls, a1 ˆ 1 m is the reference distance, aghq is the distance between the receiver and the image source …g, h, q†, x0 is the horizontal distance between the receiver and a tunnel end, and L is the tunnel length.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. References EGAN M. D. Architectural Acoustics. McGraw-Hill, New York, 1988. LEONARD R. , DELSASSO L. P. and KNUDSEN V. O. Di€raction of sound by an array of rectangular re¯ective panels. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1964, 36, 2328ÿ2333. TEMPLETON D. ) Acoustics in the Built Environment. Butterworth Architecture, Oxford, 1993. INSTITUTE OF BUILDING PHYSICS. Handbook of Architectural Acoustics. China Building Industry Press, Beijing, 1985 (in Chinese).

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