A Programming Language by Kenneth E. Iverson

By Kenneth E. Iverson

Iverson K.E. A Programming Language. (Wiley, 1962)(ISBN 0471430145)

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Central statement s-1 ~ implication ----cr-----r----' L. 5 Summary Rule systems were introduced by Post [43J in connection with formal languages as a general computing mechanism. Their main advantages are their modularity and the adaptability of the rule formalism to concrete requirements, and their main disadvantage is that the control flow is difficult to understand. At first they were used in artificial intelligence for cognitive modeling [Newell 72]. Their great popularity in expert systems is mainly due to the development of MYCIN [Shortliffe 76J at Stanford University and its successors [Buchanan 84J and also Rl [McDermott 82,84].

The fitting of a new object into the existing concept hierarchy can no longer be proved as in the case of the classifier in KL-ONE, but is derived probabilistically (Chap. 8) or non-monotonically (Chap. 9).

236]). The syntactic form of the rule is: If 1. the type of infection is meningitis, 2. no laboratory data are available, 3. the meningitis type is bacterial, 4. the patient is older than 17 years and 5. the patient is an alcoholic, then there is evidence for E. 3). The reason for the relationship described by the "alcoholic rule" is the following: alcoholics are more easily infected by E. Coli and Dipplococcus because their immunosystem is weakened, so that bacteria which are normally present in the intestinal flora of humans can cause meningitis.

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