A programmer’s view of the Intel 432 system by Elliott I. Organick

By Elliott I. Organick

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Because life cycle costs of programs may be dominated by their maintenance costs, especially for the case of large programs, the importance of preserving a clear structural correspondence between the program and the system being represented should impel us toward a language like Ada. [When using programming languages like Fortran or Pascal the effort is concentrated in preserving the logical and thereby the functional correspondence between programs and the systems they represent. While this type of correspondence is often sufficient, especially for small programs, the difficulties induced when programs are "scaled up" to realistic size have, in the past, been largely underestimated.

Ada and the iAPX-432 Ada is the application of the current state of the art in programming languages research and development. It is the result of a collective effort to design a common language for programming large scale and real time systems [2]. S. Government, Department of Defense, began in 1974 with a series of "requirements" documents that were widely reviewed. A large international community of computer professionals participated in the studies and competitive preliminary designs that led to the final form of the language, which is now being implemented for a variety of computer systems.

The topics of process management, memory management, and object fIling, which may be of primary interest to system developers and architects, are treated in Chapters 8, 9, and 10. Each chapter describes the iMAX provided implementations of these services and the user interfaces to these facilities. In the case of process management an iMAX-provided "template" is described whose use enables system programmers to implement their own process Top-Level View of the Intel 432 System Design 19 managers as needed.

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